14 March, 2017


-Ms. Blanche D’Souza

On 11th March the Jr. K.G. set out for a field trip to Shivaji Park Gymkhana. The topic of learning was indoor and outdoor sports. The children witnessed the players playing on the twin tennis court and single tennis court. They were excited to see a few players playing a cricket match on the ground. At the gymkhana, each class was taken on a tour to the table tennis room, playing card room, billiards and the gym. The children also saw people using the thread mill, the cycle and other gym equipment. The children posed questions about the various games they witnessed with curiosity, and information was provided by the attendants to the little ones. The children enjoyed in the small park. On a fun-filled and eventful day, they climbed the jungle-gym, played on the slides and other games. A break indeed from the class routine!