12 October, 2017

 Jr Kg field trip – Wadala bus depot

-Ms. Quency Lobo

The students of Jr. Kg. went for their field trip on 23rd September 2017 to the Wadala bus depot. The children were very happy and excited to set out for this adventurous field trip with their teachers. Once at the destination, the students were provided a short tour of the place. They were shown the gas station and given a demonstration of the washing of a bus, both automatically and through the use of a pipe. They were then shown the big tyres used for the buses. The students got a chance to view three different types of BEST buses- a Red bus, an Open air double-decker bus and an A.C bus. The kids got an opportunity to sit in an A.C bus where a lady conductor came and told them the importance of purchasing a ticket while traveling. Then they met T.C. who reiterated the importance of a travel ticket failing which one can attract a fine.  They then encountered the driver and interacted with him. The students continued to receive inputs from their teachers that helped widen their areas of interest and broaden their horizons.


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