27 August, 2018
Jr Kg Field Trip to Wadala BEST Depot
-Mrs. Blanche D’Souza

On Saturday, 25th Aug 2018, it was a break from the daily class routine for the Jr. Kg. students of the Dominic Savio Kindergarten for it was the day of their field trip. The venue was the neighbouring BEST Wadala depot that serves as the storehouse of the amenities as well as the personnel of Mumbai’s vast bus transport network. The boys had an opportunity to view the open double decker bus from close quarters, the CNG gas station, the washing centre, and the workshop where the buses are maintained and repaired.
The children got a chance to interact with the bus-driver, conductor, TC, and the other workers and helpers that they at times meet on their travels or see them on their books and TV screens. The children enjoyed singing “The wheels of the bus”.
The field trip was an introduction for the boys to study about the mode of transport. It was a fun hands-on experience for the children and the boys enjoyed every moment of their day’s experience at the depot.