Jr. KG Field trip-Knowing Places of Worship
-Ms. Rytika Pereira

“To worship God is to humble everything about ourselves and exalt everything about him”. -Bob Kauflin
To worship is to show love and adoration to The Divine. There are multifarious religions in the world and every religion has its own magnificent and unique place of worship where believers of that religion come together to seek guidance and inspiration from their God. Having a place to worship is important for us all, as it provides us with the opportunity to feel closer to God.
On the 16th of January 2021, the Jr.KG boys of Savio Kindergarten were exposed to this when they went on a sanctified yet fascinating virtual field trip visiting places of worship to give them some understanding of it. The trip began by the teacher giving them an insight into why people go to places of worship, the reason being to pray and for peace of mind. As planned the children were taken to visit The Cathedral of the Holy Name at Colaba, Haji Ali Mosque at Tardeo, and The Siddhivinayak temple at Prabhadevi. Using a video presentation, the teacher briefly explained the significance of each of these places to the children, telling them about their location and a little bit of their history. The images of the structure of each place were brought to the attention of the children, for example the stained glass windows in a church, the minaret of the mosque and the Kalash on a temple thus extending their knowledge. The teacher also spoke of the rites and rituals each community has for their worship. Clippings of community prayers were shown to the boys and their meaning explained. The children were also instructed on the good manners that they should follow when they visit a place of worship as each place of worship has its own protocols.
The boys of Jr. KG had an incredible experience and the virtual field trip concluded with a beautiful message, that every religion emphasizes on loving, adoring and expressing gratitude to God and reaching out to all in need as we are all children of one God.

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