August 20, 2016.

-Ms Beatrice Pinto

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August 20, had a special significance for Don Bosco High School , Matunga.

It was the birthday of  our beloved Principal, Rev. Fr.Bernard Fernandes.

With hearts full of gratitude the students along with their teachers  enthusiastically went about planning with hush – hush tones.

On D – day, excitement filled the air .The students along with their parents and teachers  decorated the Principal’s office, got things organized for a humble celebration at the morning assembly.

Rev.Fr.Roy, offered the morning prayer for Fr. Bernard and his near and dear ones.

Rev.Fr.Wilfred, wished and thanked Fr. Bernard for  shouldering his  mighty responsibility very efficiently.

The captain of the school expressed the sentiments of the students and staff.

The school band played the Happy Birthday song while Fr. Bernard cut the cake .

A floral bouquet was presented and the band rendered one of  Fr.Principal”s favourite songs.

Finally, Fr. Principal was invited to address the school. He graciously appreciated the efforts of all.

Everyone was happy and a feeling of bonhomie prevailed right through the beautiful day.