23 November, 2019
It is more blessed to give, than to receive.
-Mrs Daksha Tandel

“Joy is more infectious than leprosy.”-Dr.Baba Amte
Keeping with the theme, ‘Journeying Together in Joy and Holiness’, class 9E depicted the ‘Life of Dr. Baba Amte’ for their class assembly along with their class teacher Mrs Daksha Tandel on 20th November,2019.
The assembly started with a meaningful meditation that highlighted the virtue of gratitude.
The skit put up by the students showcased the sufferings of the weaker section of the society, the adivasis, who believed that black magic could cure them of their illness and their exploitation at the hands of the local goons. Dr. Baba Amte worked for these adivasi people and those suffering from leprosy. Coming from a very rich family where money flowed like river, Baba Amte could have chosen to live a lavish life. Yet, he decided to work for the destitute and bring about a change in their lives.
The skit also threw light on the health centre called ‘Anandwan,’ which was run by him to which he devoted his life generating public awareness towards importance of ecological balance and wild life.
The song, ‘Count your blessings’ brought about the spirit of gratitude in each one present.
Father Crispino D’Souza, the rector addressed the gathering highlighting on the 3 important points from the life of Baba Amte’s;
1) There is more joy in giving, than receiving.
2) The one who helps others will always face obstacles.
3) Education is not only about academics, it is the reasoning power to differentiate the right from wrong.
Father Bernard Fernandes appreciated the class along with their class teacher Mrs Daksha Tandel for a well-planned assembly.
The assembly delivered a strong message of receiving joy as we journey together.

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