15 July, 2019
Introduction to the Policy Document-Representatives of PTA Executive body
-Mrs. Sonali Dsilva

On the 13th of July 15, 2019, a meeting with the PTA Executive Council of the Primary and the Secondary section was held familiarize them with the Policy Document of the School. The AHM, Mrs. Christina Mascarenhas started this meeting with a short prayer followed by an orientation of the policy document. To begin with she mentioned that Don Bosco High School, Matunga is a part of the Archdiocese Board of Education and also an aided institution. With the changing needs of the education system a policy document which is formulated to govern the behaviors and the various activities in the school campus. However the policy document is a document which is evolving.
The AHM outlined three policies in the document i.e. The Discipline Policy, Behaviour Policy and Child Protection Policy. She explained that at Don Bosco we provide an environment which is consistent, believe in effective communication for which lines are open and enhance the self-esteem of the child. Don Bosco High School strongly believes in the Preventive System of education in which we prevent the mishap rather than dealing with its consequences later.
The Discipline Policy and Behavior policy aimed at deterring unacceptable behavior and the Child Protection Policy looks at keeping our students away from any physical or mental harm. The Vice Principal, Sir CliffRichard Dsouza said that as the PTA executive members they would be called upon, whenever needed, to be a part of the different committees in school, as also meet at regular intervals to monitor the progress in the execution of our policies. This step is a collaborative effort of the school and the parents to keep our students guarded from any threat and provide a safe and joyous learning atmosphere on the campus.

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