22 June,2017

International Yoga Day

-Ms. Richa Singh


International Yoga Day is also called as the World Yoga Day and is celebrated  throughout the world on 21st June. This year it was celebrated the world over for the third time.

Yoga is an ancient art, where people use meditation to transform their body and mind. Although it originated in India, over the years it has gained immense importance and popularity throughout the world. In our school, the Primary and the Secondary sections celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June 2017. After the morning prayers, the importance and benefits of  yoga were shared with the children. In the Primary section, a power point presentation that listed the different asanas and breathing techniques were shown to the boys and the children did some of the asanas.

The teachers in the classes also urged the students to perform yoga asanas everyday. The classrooms and corridors were decorated with charts – indeed it was a very informative day.