4 May,2019

Indian Education system for the millenials

-Mrs. Christina Mascarenhas

On 3rd May 2019, Ms Samruddha Sawant and Mrs. Christina Mascarenhas attended a workshop entitled “ED Talks”, at Fountain Head, Alibaugh conducted by Edelweiss Financial Services.
“ED Talks” orchestrated an invigorating discussion on the “Indian Education system for millennials” with touchstones like “Synergistic Collaboration among Schools, Role of Technology, Cultivating passionate Teachers and Speed bumps in our Roadmap.”
Mr. Conrad Saldanha moderated the sessions guiding the participants through various exercises, inputs and discussions, to reflect on the characteristics of our educational institutions. These provided a deeper insight for us to bridge the gap between the expectations of our stakeholders in our institutions and their experiences desired by us.
Mr. Ketan Gawand invited the heads of institutions to participate in a meditation session while Ms Geetika shared with us her experiences in Mumbai. These sessions yielded some light moments of relaxation. Our own art teacher Ms Samruddha took the participants through a painting exercise from which ensued a deep insightful learning of our role as educators.
The ambient setting and the exquisite food added to the meaningful day.

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