26 July, 2018
Including cleanliness in our lifestyle
Mrs Sandra Alphonso

Cleaning is a practice and cleanliness is our virtue. The boys of Sr Kg celebrated Cleanliness Day on 18th July, 2018. To begin with the teacher narrated a story on cleanliness with a moral value that cleanliness is the first law of health and a medicine to all diseases. Each child spoke three sentences on cleanliness in school, classroom, play ground, and public places which they frequently visit viz. street, garden, park, market, mall, beach, hospital, railway station, airport, metro. The children made a mention of the importance and consequences of unclean surroundings which result in spread of diseases like malaria and dengue. A few spoke on Swach Bharat giving additional insights into the nationwide drive. This activity by the students simultaneously boosted their self confidence and enhanced their language and cognitive skills.
The teacher included a cleaning activity in the classroom that would help raise the awareness on cleanliness. Here the boys were given a cloth duster to clean their tables, chairs, windows and bookshelves. The boys learnt that keeping things in the right place also made the place clean. A clean place is a safe place and safety depends on cleanliness. The boys picked up litter form their class and stuck it to the cut out of a big dustbin. This acquainted them to different types of litter like empty plastic bags, wrappers, papers, shavings, etc.
To enhance their creative skills, the children were asked to colour a cut out of a dust bin and then stick litters like pencil shavings, broken ice cream sticks, wrappers, seeds etc..They had a cut out of things used to keep our surrounding clean like broom, mop, phenol, bucket etc. They were further engaged through the singing of the song BITS OF PAPER and the recitation of poems on cleanliness.
At the end of this day the children thus gained additional knowledge on cleanliness and learnt that it helps to prioritize these important values that cannot be compromised in a good healthy lifestyle.