30 June, 2017

Inaugural Assembly for the  Academic Year: Class XA

-Ms. Nicolette Remedios


Class  X A presented the  first assembly of  the  academic  year  2017-18 based on the  theme “fresh new  beginning “.  The assembly was graced  by  the auspicious  presence  of our  new  Rector Rev Fr. Crispino D’Souza.  The students were led into meditation by Mrs. Elizabeth to refresh and energize themselves at the start of a new day.  Rev. Fr. Crispino, the new Rector was then welcomed with an address and a bouquet.

At the enactment of the theme during the assembly, the students  of  X A  expressed their feelings of  apprehensions, bafflement and  excitement as  they  were now on the  threshold of  leaving the  school  to  make  a  new career.  The assembly  highlighted the fact that the end is often just a  new  beginning in life and  the  end  is  only a bend in the  journey.  The rendition of music during the  assembly portrayed the  feelings of  the  students and  rejuvenated  the  minds  of  the  audience.  The skit appealed to all to start afresh with a kind, happy heart.  The assembly also gave tips that would help the students to  make a  brand new  beginning.

Fr. Crispino lauded the efforts of  class X A along with their class  teacher Mrs. Nicolette for  the  well- planned and  well-executed assembly  and  made a  mention of  the  full  class  participation and  the talents of  the  students in  speech  and  music.   He shared his own personal  experiences  of  starting afresh and cautioned the students against irresponsible behaviour that could cost them a promising future. There  was  a  short  prize  distribution function towards  the  end to  felicitate meritorious students of  the  previous  academic  year.

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