5 July, 2018
Ms. Daksha Tandel

In the famed annual festival IMMACULATA organized by St. Mary ICSE Mazagon, a contingent of 73 participants from our school took part in 23 events held on 30th June and 1st July 2018. While it was a learning experience and enriching exposure for our students wherein the school participated for the very first time, three of them returned with awards.
Master Krishna Karkera –First place in FOOTOMANIA, an event which invites you to express and showcase your skills and prove yourself the best free styler in Mumbai in football.
Master Ahmad Kazi and Master Nishant Yadav- First place in VERBAL FEUD, a form of debate wherein participants had to engage in what was called a fiery combat and a war of words.
Master Ahmad Kazi – Second place in WHOSE POINT IS IT, an event which portrays your sense of humor, spreads joy and brings laughter to everyone around.
A special mention needs to be made of our dance troupe and the Fashion show group that showed tremendous determination, resolve and outstanding leadership qualities to perform on the big stage. Skilful leaders and formidable teams show their mettle in circumstances such as these!
Congratulations to all our participants and winners!

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