1, July, 2018
I am Special and Unique Day
Ms. Cleffy D Souza

Std I celebrated I m Special and Unique day on 22nd June 2018.

As Henry David Thoreau said,You are a marvel. Everyone on our planet is different and special in their own way. Everyone has a unique gift and talent. We have a unique personality and style. We think and feel differently than others do. To make children feel special about themselves, Std 1 celebrated I m Special and Unique day on 22nd June 2018.

The day began with a special song You are special by Barney and Friends. Students were given an opportunity to speak about themselves. They wrote their names on the cut out given to them by their teacher and then decorated it. They then played a game where they introduced themselves. A worksheet was completed by the students where they had to write details about themselves. The children had a fun filled day and felt extremely happy and special on this day .We teachers were very happy to notice smiles on their faces.
Things would be pretty boring if everyone was the same. Our differences make the world a very interesting place.

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