24 February, 2020
Human Love in the Divine Plan
-Mrs. Valenka Fernandes

“The secret to extraordinary faith is engaging our ‘Minds’ as well our ‘Hearts’ because dynamic faith requires a healthy balance of both the ‘Mind’ and the ‘Heart’.’
The Catholic students of Std. 9 attended the Faith Celebration day 2019-20 on Saturday 15th February 2020 hosted by Our Lady of Good Counsel High School. Rev Fr Cleo Braganza animated the session by spiritually binding the different schools that participated (viz. Auxilium Convent High School, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, Don Bosco High School, St Paul’s Boys High School and St Paul’s Convent High School).
To commence the day’s program Fr Cleo began the day with a meaningful meditation followed by a prayer. As an ice breaker St Paul’s Boys High School organized a game to enthuse everyone. The children got to know each other by through their interaction in different groups. Later, each school gave a presentation on the topics assigned to them. The following were the presentations:
1. Don Bosco High School- “Who am I”
2. St.Paul’s Convent High School – “Belonging to a family”
3. Our Lady of Good Counsel High School -“Marriage: sacrament in God’s plan”
4. Auxilium Convent High School- “You and media”
5. St Paul’s Boys High School – “What is my vocation.”
The presentations were in the form of a skit, dance, mime, song, etc. Fr Cleo conducted the quiz on the Book of Revelation. St Paul’s Boys High School (1st place, Auxilium Convent High School (2nd place)and Don Bosco High School (3rd place) were the three top schools at the day’s program.
The program concluded with the Eucharistic Celebration animated by Auxilium Convent High School. Certificates were awarded to all the students of the participating schools. The teachers were presented with a small token of appreciation. The vote of thanks was proposed by a representative of Don Bosco High School.

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