26 July, 2019

Human beings are the best creation and each one is unique
-Mrs. Rochelle D’Souza

I am God’s gift to my parents, I am unique and that makes me so special.To make the boys feel special, the Jr. Kg boys celebrated “I Am Special” day on 24th July, 2019. The teacher explained to the boys that they are special because they are gifted with different parts of the body (which was taught to them earlier in class) and loving parents to care for them. The boys together with their parents prepared a placard with pictures about themselves. This activity brought out note-worthy creativity and also enabled the parent to have quality time with their child through this activity.

The boys were made to wear a crown on their head which gave them self-confidence to speak to an audience with a placard in their hand. They began by saying their name, their favourite toy and their favourite food. They were happy to speak about their personality. The children were able to speak in complete English sentences. Each one was appreciated and applauded by their classmates and teacher. It is vital for one to have a high self esteem and self confidence as it paves way for love towards them. The children enjoyed singing and dancing to the song “I am special, I am special, so are you…” In their Activity class, they enjoyed colouring a cut out of a school bag with their favourite colours.

The day’s event came to an end with the boys understanding that each one has an awesome personality that is different for other and happy to know that they are special.

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