15 October, 2019
House is where the heart is…
-Mrs. Quency Lobo

A house is a building that functions as a home. It can range from a simple dwelling as a hut, chawl to a complex fixed structure like a skyscraper. The Kg children were instructed on the different types of houses through aids like pictures, videos and models in the class. To have a firsthand experience, the boys of Sr. Kg went for a field trip on 5th Oct 2019 to observe the different types of houses.
All the boys assembled in their classes and were eager to know all that would take place during the trip. The teacher explained to them and also instructed them about the safety measures necessary at the trip. Thereafter, they got into their respective buses. They whispered a short prayer to the Divine seeking blessings for the trip and their safe return.
Once on the trip, the very first sight nearby was that of a bungalow. It had a big veranda, spacious compound, trees and plants around and a porch for parking. A little further, they came across chawls where the houses were close to each other in a row. They were excited to see children playing in the common gallery. On the way they saw a block of buildings. Some were 4 or 5 storeyed buildings. Each building had a wall around it and a security guard at the gate. As they approached the garden, they saw a settlement of huts and observed various aspects like size, houses located close to each other, no open space, only a single pathway and so on. Inside the garden they saw a landscape of skyscrapers. Some had windows, balcony covered with glass while some had concrete walls. The balconies were wide and the houses were big. They stood in awe at the beautiful landscape around it, the garden, car parking and other amenities. The children were fortunate to witness the work going on at the construction site nearby. The teacher explained the activities happening there -the crane used to carry concrete to the desired place, mixer truck to mix the sand and cement, people using lift to plaster the walls, the presence of construction workers and so on. They understood that it takes so many hands to make a building. They learnt that there has been advancement in housing.
The teacher made them sit on the grass and had an enriching interactive session where the boys expressed their curiosity and asked queries and the teacher answered them all. They spoke about other different types of houses like boat house, igloo, tent so on. They learnt that houses can be built in a large variety of configuration. They understood that house not only give us love and affection but also security.
Back in school they were happy to relate everything they had seen and experienced. They left for the day thanking the Almighty for giving them a house. They understood that house is an important basic need of life and there is nothing in the world as sweet as a home.

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