30 August, 2017



Perpetual Nazareth

It is said that a shared appreciation of talent and art can help to promote understanding between people, both within and beyond country’s border. As a part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the school, Interschool Maths and Science Fair – Exhibitions and Competitions – coupled with In House Bosco Kala Utsav Celebrations were put in place on 24th August 2017   in Don Bosco High School, Matunga exclusively for the secondary section.

From the spectrum of events it was clear that meticulous planning and a very high level of creativity and enthusiasm was responsible for the putting up these events. Different Interschool events like Maths and Science Exhibition, Science Elocution, Poster Competition, Poetry Composition and Recitation Competition and The Maths and Science Quiz seemed to bring out the talent and mastery in these branches of Maths and Science among school students. Enthusiastic participants from neighbouring schools and equally innovative exhibits caught the eye of the visitors and judges at the venue. Winners from different schools walked home with certificates and mementos- a recognition of their talent.

Bosco Kala Utsav, a regular feature in the calendar of the school was also organised which had competitions for the students of the school like the Art and Craft Competition, Language games, English Elocution, and Singing Competition. Such competitions give an opportunity to the students to showcase their talent in oration, art, singing etc. Readathon was also held to develop a taste for reading.

The Student Council joined hands with the organising committee and diligently helped in ensuring that all the events took place without a hitch. The judges at different competitions were amazed at the talent they witnessed. Mr. Rajesh Dixit a judge of the Science Elocution appreciated the efforts of the participants. Ms. Vibha Gupta commended the organisation of the event.

The school boasts of fostering an all round development of its students by striking a balance between syllabus, extra-curricular and inter-school activities. This year’s Bosco Kala Utsav certainly did that.





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