17 July, 2017


-Ms. Kashmira Rodrigues

Food day was observed on 17 July, 2017 by the students of Std II to co-relate the topic learnt in Awareness.

The classrooms were suitably decorated for the day. Through discussion the class teacher elicited from the students the importance of healthy food and why junk food was considered unhealthy and why the same should be avoided. The teachers highlighted that the right foundation to good health is to choose food products that are rich in nutrients and have a balanced amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and a small proportion of fats as well. The students comprehended the consumption of the right food will help one to remain healthy and fit.

They were taught table manners and clean food habits. Through short videos the children learnt to prepare simple meals. Educative power point presentations also aided in achieving the learning outcomes. The students shared their healthy snacks with their peers during the short recess.The day ended with a worksheet on food which consisted of puzzles and colouring activities.

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