22 November, 2017

-Ms. Richa Singh

Children are treated as special by everyone. Children’s Day was introduced to celebrate the innocence and emphasize the importance of children as they are our nation’s future. Keeping up with the spirit of Universal Children’s Day, Don Bosco Matunga’s Primary and the Kg sections celebrated Children’s Day with pomp and show on 20th November 2017.

The students were all excited to see for themselves the special day planned for them. The comperes, Mrs. Kashmira Rodrigues and Ms. Janessa Monteiro welcomed the children to the hall where the program was hosted, and said a short prayer on behalf of all the teachers for the students. It was followed by singing of songs by the primary teachers on a popular track among the kids “You can Count on Us…like 1 2 3 we’ll be there.” The teachers of the Kindergarten too performed on catchy dance numbers for the children.

Mr. Jayesh and Mr. Kaushik, the past pupils of the school too stepped in to make the day special for the children by organizing a Magic Show and Jugglery for them. The kids held their breath and watched the amazing tricks of the magician. Their eyes were glued to some of the tricks wherein the magician from nowhere could produce a white rabbit from his hat and a dove from just some torn sheets of paper.

The juggler Bobo kept the audience enthralled with his fascinating jugglery with bottles, balls and hats.

There were spot prizes for the students that included the likes of one wearing the most colorful socks, printed shirts, a big dial watch and dressing up like Chacha Nehru.

When the students returned to their classrooms they were surprised to find that their teachers had planned fun games for them like dumb charades, guess the song to quote a few. They were awarded prizes here too. They solved colorful worksheets. The day ended on a sweet note with the distribution of chocolates for the children by the school management.

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