7, September, 2018
Happy Birthday Head Teacher
-Mrs. Kashmira Rodrigues.

Nothing speaks louder or effectively than a life and well lived and a life of integrity. The students and staff of the Primary section were delighted to celebrate one such life-the gift of their Head teacher who celebrated her birthday on 3rd September. The celebrations began with the Head Teacher being escorted by the members of the Management-Rector Fr. Crispino D’Souza, Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes and Vice-Principal Fr. Roy Noronha, and their benign presence made the day very special.
Mrs. Griselda was decorated a princess with a birthday sash and a lovely crown. She was presented bouquets and a decorative, colourful, handmade card by the students, teachers and the Captain Adrian Borges. The Vice-Captain Liam Sequeira read the address on behalf of the staff and students underlining the many wonderful qualities of our head teacher. All joined in singing the birthday song as the birthday girl cut the birthday cake. Rev. Fr. Rector in his speech compared the Head teacher to the metal titanium managing all that is entrusted to her- which included the education department duties- with equanimity. Rev. Fr. Principal also thanked the Head Teacher for her hard work and availability in the discharge of her duties and responsibilities. She had the good of every child and staff member upper most in her mind. The celebration concluded with words of gratitude by Ms. Griselda Fernandes to the Primary section for a meaningful and memorable birthday celebration.
We thank God for gifting us this dynamic member in our school community and pray that God shower His blessings on her to help take forward the mission of Don Bosco Matunga.