16 January, 2019

Happiness in reaching out to others
-Ms. Reena Louis

It was the first assembly in the new calendar year, and proved to be a significant one. The boys of Std. 5D conducted the assembly on the theme ‘Happiness in little ways’ on Tuesday, 15th Jan 2019. A meditation conducted for the assembly by the class teacher set the tone for the day’s program. The skit that followed highlighted the theme of the day. Rohan, the leading character of the story, is lost in his mobile games just like most other children of today. PubG is his main addiction and distraction. The advent of a New Year brings in a host of resolutions, and Rohan and his friends too have their own resolutions to make. Rohan surprises them with a resolution that does away with the PubG application from his smart phone and for a change help people who assisted him over the years. It generates a ripple effect among his friends and people around him.
The class impressed the gathering with their abounding talent at drama, singing and dance. The assembly concluded with a relevant poem by one of the students on the theme of the day. Fr. Rector praised the students and the class teacher for the well prepared and enacted assembly, besides leaving a message to do God’s will in our lives. Fr. Principal too was effusive in his praise for the class students and their teacher for a well-scripted assembly.

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