5 March, 2020
Handwriting is a reflection of personality
-Ms. Bianca Worlikar

Good handwriting skills are indicators of excellent mind and motor coordination. Handwriting is still a very crucial art, even in this high-tech era where pencils are replaced by thumb, keyboards and touch screen. With this view and to enhance handwriting skills, Handwriting competition was held for the boys of the Sr.KG on 26th February, 2020.

All children actively participated and made attempt to improve their handwriting. It was conducted to encourage the boys to develop their handwriting skills. The children were given few sentences to copy from the Promethean board. They had to complete it within a period of time. The children were motivated to put forth their best hand. They left no stone unturned as they worked on every letter formation, neatness, punctuation, spacing between words and relationship to line. Handwriting activates the brains because it involves more complex motor and cognitive skills. As it activates visual perception of letters it contributes to reading fluency. Good handwriting triggers confidence in children and enhances their self-esteem.
The handwriting competition was judged and the winners were awarded certificates of appreciation. It was indeed a delight to see the boys not only participate whole heartedly, but improvise their overall handwriting skill and speed.

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