Handwriting Competition in the Primary section
-Mrs. Mohini Goshi

“Handwriting reveals character. Neat, legible handwriting suggests a creative mind, determination for excellence, strong work ethic, and academic success-distinctive attributes which help secure a prospective vocation and ensure a promising future.” -Tama Kain, a 7th & 8th grade teacher.

Beautiful and neat handwriting is a skill that should be developed to improve fine motor skills as refined penmanship gives students a head start in the competitive world.

Here, at Don Bosco, Matunga, we are aware that handwriting is a part of our identity and an essential tool for communication. Hence, an English handwriting competition was organized virtually through Google meet for the students of the primary section on 14th September, 2020, thus providing an opportunity for the students to display their competency in legible handwriting.

This competition was compulsory for all the students of standard Ito IV. Every student was encouraged to present his best hand writing. The competition was judged by the class teacher and the head teacher on the basis of neatness, letter formation, space and clarity. Three best hand writings were selected from each class. It was a tough competition as the students presented their writing talent very beautifully.

Arihant Kambi from Std III D said “Competitions like these should be arranged. I like such competitions and I participate willingly”.
The students participated in the competition with a lot of excitement and passion.

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