14 July, 2016

By Ms. Sonali D’Silva

FieldtripSTD801 FieldtripSTD802

The students went for a field trip on 14th July 2016 to the Nehru Science Center, Worli, accompanied by their teachers and the supervisor. The trip aimed at effective learning among students to facilitate the understanding of abstract concepts.
A topic which they had to focus on was the different aspects of ‘LIGHT’ like colour blindness, shortsightedness, frozen shadow, illusion etc.
The students also viewed and explored various concepts of Science through experiential learning and games, thus gaining a better understanding of topics which they may have found difficult to grasp in class. They also worked on the concrete skill of note taking as they had to record what they observed at the Science Center.
The trip included the showcasing of a short documentary called ‘The Adrenaline Rush’ based on sky diving and a 3D show on the effects of global warming on animals.
The trip was an enriching experience for the students as getting real world experiences helps make learning more meaningful and memorable.