20 October, 2018
Hand wash day
-Mrs. Colleen Azavedo

“Two little hands so clean and so bright this is my left and this is my right.”
Don Bosco Primary School conducted Hand Wash Day on 15th October 2018. Several activities were planned and executed on this occasion. The boys of Stds I to IV viewed a video on the theme of the day-The Hand washing song. They also watched several short videos like-
That Time Raya taught Elma a valuable lesson
Wash your hands (word play)
The children who called themselves “Dirty Hands”
Be Germ Smart.
The class teachers explained and discussed the importance of “Hand wash”. During this session there was an interactive discussion with an enthusiastic and keen participation of all the students. As part of the learning process and lessons on hygiene, the students were taken to the wash room and given some hand wash. The teacher then demonstrated to the students the manner in which an individual should actually wash his or her hands to stay healthy. It proved to be a valuable lesson on good health, cleanliness and hygiene for all present.
“Simply washing your hands during cold and flu season is a much more effective way of preventing cold.”

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