13 August, 2019
Hand in Hand Together We Can-Blue House Day celebration
-Ms. Sydelle Mascarenhas

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

The students and the teachers of the Blue House celebrated their House day on 10th August, 2019. The theme selected for the day was ‘Together’ culled from the year’s theme of the school ‘Journeying together with joy and holiness’.
A well scripted assembly was presented by the students and the teachers of the Blue house that incorporated various activities portraying ‘togetherness’ in our school. Songs, speeches and dialogues at the assembly bore a strong reflection of the theme of the day.
Our school is an epitome of unity. Students from various standards came forward to share their valuable experiences of moments where they felt the touch of a friend or teacher in this institution. They considered themselves lucky to be a part of this school. Students also prepared a variety of charts representing the theme of ‘bonding together’. There were cutouts that showed us the importance of working together to achieve great success.
During the day at school, the students sang various songs over the intercom and also presented a flash mob dance at the lunch break to keep the feeling of the celebration on. They pledged that together they can make a difference in the school and the surrounding. The teachers and the students worked hard to make their house day celebration a memorable one.

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