23 January, 2017

-Ms. Lakshmi Krishna

A few Nature club students attended a workshop conducted by Greenline on 21 Jan 2017 in the Provincial building at Don Bosco High School, Matunga. Several students from different schools also participated. The aim of the workshop was to explain the importance of natural resources and the manner in which they can be recycled. It was startling to know that over 160,000 plastic bags are used by us every second and yet we only recycle 60%. An explainer video showed how the plastic waste is consumed by the fishes and how they perish. The video showed how an entire island can be created out of mountains of plastic. The participating schools shared with others the recycling initiatives taken up by them. An interesting game was played to identify the organic matter and recyclable material. A power point presentation showed the amount of water used to make things for e.g. half kg of plastic consumes 90 litres of water, similarly over 3 lac litres of water is needed to make a passenger car.

The students later met people from Recycle Karo, an NGO. The workshop was an eye opener and the small group of students from Don Bosco High School returned as a motivated lot!


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