29 September, 2018
GreenLine workshop-Smart Shopping

-Mrs Lakshmi Krishna

A workshop on smart shopping was conducted by the Greenline team on 28th September, 2018 at the Don Bosco Provincial House. It was attended by Teacher Ms. Lakshmi Krishna along with 3 Std VII students, Aaradhya, Jaskaran and Asrar.

The session began with a short film on the dangerous harm caused by plastic especially in marine habitat. Fr. Savio Silveira then introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Kaustubh Bhagat, professor in Environment Studies at Hinduja College. He was also associated with Greenline for many years. Mr. Kaustubh explained that plastic can never be banned because it finds application in every walk of life. He further elaborated that the ban is on ‘one time/ single use’ disposable plastic. As a consequence of the ban, several alternative materials and tips to reduce the use of plastic were shared.

1. Paper and cloth bags

2.Permanent plates made of metal and bone china etc, and disposable plates made from banana leaves, bagasse, Areca nuts, wheat straw and edible cutlery

3.Carry own plastic bottles and not buy packaged water

4.Recycle milk pouches by returning them to the manufacturers.

Mr. Kaustubh also explained that smart shopping does not only mean avoiding non eco-friendly products. It only means that one should buy products that are absolutely essential and use it as much as possible.

The session ended with a display of products that were alternatives to plastic and the participants were made familiar with the materials. All participants were gifted a cloth bag. It was a short but enriching session.

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