10 March, 2017

-Ms. Lakshmi Krishna


On 9th March 2017, the Greenline Mela was inaugurated at 9.30 am in the Don Bosco Provisional House, Don Bosco Campus, Matunga. The Mela was attended by 5 students – Manprem, Vedant, Harman, Chris and Aryan accompanied by Tr. Ms. Lakshmi Krishna.

Simultaneous workshop sessions were organized for the participants and every student had to attend a workshop each. Manprem attended the workshop pertaining to Film Making where he was guided on how to produce (from idea to execution) a film.

Vedant went for a workshop on Street Play. He understood the nuances of scripting, acting and presenting a Street Play and learnt its impact on the society.

Harman role played a Green Reporter in his workshop. He was taught the importance of responsible journalism and its relevance with respect to the environment.

Chris chose Urban Farming workshop. He learnt the new advancements in farming, use of cocoa peat that could replace soil, and grow herbs at home.

Aryan went for the Tree Walk around the campus learning about the different species of flora and fauna.

The boys found all the workshops interesting and insightful.

At the end of all workshops the participants gathered for the Award Ceremony at the Bianchi Hall, Don Bosco International School. Mr. Aabid Surti, Founder – Drop Dead Foundation (a water conservation NGO) was the Chief Guest. Fr. Edwin was the Guest of Honour. The top 10 schools and the Green Champs from 50 schools were felicitated by Greenline. Every school was given a token of appreciation for their contribution in greening the environment.