19 July, 2017

Greenline conducts the first session – “Go Trash-less”

– By Nadar Ranjitham Selvaraj

The first nature club seminar for the academic year 2017-2018 was conducted on 17th July 2017 by the resource persons Janice Vaz, Carol Pereira, AnoushkaViegas and SwanandGawde from “Green-Line” organization. They assisted the nature club members on the theme for this year “Go Trash-Less”.

The seminar was conducted through activities to make the students understand the difference in recyclable and non-recyclable waste; journey of the waste from school or home through mapping the waste by preparing the flowchart. The students were also made to understand the facts – the analysis of waste in India – which show that almost 50% of organic waste is generated out of all other waste.

The following activities were conducted to make students understand the task for July and August.

July Task:

Conduct a waste audit at home and school.

  1. Prepare a report in written or chart format.

August Task:

  1. Track the journey of your waste (waste mapping)
  2. Prepare a flowchart of all the stages and key actors involved from start to the end.


This seminar encouraged our students to be responsible citizens in school as well as in the outside world by managing, reducing and recycling the waste.



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