4 March, 2019
Green Line Award Ceremony 2018-2019
Ms. Yugandhara Kaskar

The Green Line award ceremony for the year 2018-19 took place on 2nd March 2019 at DB Provincial house, Mumbai. The students from Don Bosco, Matunga-Aldon D’souza, Sarvesh Bagwe, Sumukh Adepu, PremBarskar and YakshRanka accompanied by Ms. Yugandhara Kaskar attended the ceremony. The Green Line awards are based on the different tasks carried out by Nature Clubs of various schools right through the academic year.
The Green Line had arranged for different workshops for students and teachers in addition to the award ceremony. Each student was registered for a specific workshop. The time scheduled for the workshops was between 9 am to 10.30 am. The different workshops arranged included butterfly gardening, marine art, marine biodiversity, Herpetofauna, tree walk and urban farming.
Aldon D’souza attended the butterfly gardening workshop, wherein, Ms. Priyanka Kumari spoke about rearing butterflies and methods on maintaining butterfly gardens. Sarvesh Bagwe attended the marine biodiversity workshop. The session was conducted by Ms. Alissa Barnes. She introduced the students to oceans and spoke about how the lifestyle choices of people are affecting the oceans. Yaksh Ranka was at the workshop on tree walk , where Ms. Renee Vyas took them for a walk around the Don Bosco, Matunga campus and introduced the students to various plant species present in the campus. Sumukh Adepu learned about herpetofauna, their characteristics and adaptations. Mr. Saurabh Sawant was the resource person.
Father Savio Silveira of the Green Line addressed the teachers about Green School campaigns and congratulated everyone for their hard work. He also stated that global change is a necessity in today’s world by giving an example of Greta Tunberg. The workshop on urban farming by Mr. Harshad Ainapure was arranged for the teachers. He spoke about the do’s and don’ts of the kitchen and terrace gardening.
The award ceremony commenced at 11am and ended by 1pm. Sarvesh Bagwe was awarded the Green champ for the year 2018-2019. Different schools were awarded by Green Line for their efforts and Safai Bank Organization also presented the schools with certificates for their contribution of MLPs to their initiative. The students were exposed to the different aspects of nature. It was an enriching experience for them.

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