21 September, 2019
-Student Reporter (IXC)

Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving.
The Class IXC guided by their class teacher Mrs Sheela Pillai staged their assembly on 18th September 2019, based on the theme,’Time to bring joy with a loving heart.’
The assembly centered on parents’ unconditional love. It began with meditation conducted by Miss Bela to prepare a conducive atmosphere for the message to sink in. The skit presented at the assembly made the students realize the importance of their parents.
There was a lyrical dance reflecting the bond between the children and their parents. The backdrop beautifully portrayed the painful instances of parents being abandoned by their children. The choir with their sonorous voices sang thesong, ‘You raise me up,’ which was dedicated to all the parents in the world.
The assembly concluded with some thought-provoking messages. One such statement read,
“We need parents when we are infants; in the same way, they need us when they grow old. Parents care for us, sacrifice their time and efforts for us, and now, it is our turn to look after them too.”
Father Crispino D’souza, the rector and the principal of the school Father BernardFernandes appreciated the students of class IX-C and the class teacher Mrs Sheela Pillai and Mrs Bela Mehta for a well-written script and efficiently executed assembly.

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