Gratitude-the GPS of every soul
-Sir Sham Pawar

Standard 5 B had their assembly based on the topic “Gratitude… the..GPS (God, Parents, School).. of every soul”. It was held on 9th October 2018 and the venue was the “Gym area”. The assembly began with a meditation session conducted by the class teacher Sir Sham Pawar. The comperes of the day then introduced the theme for the day and the assembly thereafter highlighted the liberties one gets in life and our response and gratitude to this gift of freedom. The class effectively dramatized this theme and expressed how we are fortunate in having good loving parents whose existence we often take for granted. Also, the school and our places of learning too are often taken for granted by us. Many times it is only the less fortunate that appreciates the values taught and understands the meaning of gratitude.
It’s up to us to realize that life and love has no conditions. One has to make best use of their abilities and grow well. We need to be grateful to varied opportunities that have been bestowed upon us.

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