24 July, 2020

Grateful to be Unique-JR KG Class Event
-Mrs. Rochelle D’Souza

It is said that-A child is like a butterfly in the wind, some fly higher than others, but each one flies the best it can. Each one is different, each one is special and each one is beautiful!
“I am Special, I am Unique, I am wonderfully made, I am God’s creation” was the theme for the day as the boys of the Jr. Kg celebrated their first-class event- ‘I am special’ on 22nd July 2020. In this turbulent time where nothing is certain, where each individual is fighting a silent battle of chaos, the Jr Kg teachers made it a point to stress the importance of gratitude towards parents and the uniqueness of each child.
The day began with prayers. The teachers prepared videos, songs, and slides to explain the importance that each child is different from each other even if they are twins. God has gifted each one of us with some special talents which make each one incomparable and thus we need to be grateful for the many blessings we enjoy. Being the first event a few boys were selected to speak up and so they did deliver their little speech to their fellow classmates and their special audience. When things do normalize and since we have such class events all year round the rest of the boys will too get a chance to stand up and speak.
Each child had a crown on his head, making him feel special which in turn boosted his confidence. Parents took the effort of preparing placards showing their favorite colour, food, toys, and one outstanding quality of theirs. To make this day memorable the boys performed an activity of tracing their palms on newspaper and then sticking their snap and writing their name on it. They were thrilled when all their work came alive on the slides which the teacher presented.
Adding a lesson on “Values” the teachers asked the boys to begin wishing their Parents ‘Good Morning’and to say a ‘Thank you’ as often as possible and requested the parents to reply to their children thus beginning the grateful chain.
The class event ended with children and parents saying a simple prayer thanking God for all his blessings and then singing the song, “I Am Special” with actions along with their teachers.

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