-Sir Manoj Koli

To thank someone is a simple act. And a simple act of gratitude can make a difference, and bring a smile to someone’s life. Not just the one who is thanked but also the one who says thanks and expresses gratitude. Expressing gratitude is an important aspect of one’s spiritual growth. It opens up the door of manifestation and also brings forth a general sense of well-being and abundance
On 4th September 2020, Class 10A presented their class assembly with a thanksgiving message to the corona warriors and a prayer to God to bless the people who offer selfless service to humankind.
At the beginning of the program, Master Vivek Rai read out a thanks giving note for the corona warriors. A short video depicting the different people from all parts of society who contribute to the well being of the society in this crisis of pandemic was then screened.
Teachers are always regarded as our second parents. They spread the light of wisdom in the society and make our lives better and wiser. So, it is very important for all the parents and students to send messages of appreciation for a teacher. Before we think of sending our beloved teachers a thank you note, we need to ensure the words we say make them feel honored and proud. But often we are run out of words and ideas to express our gratitude to our teachers. The students compiled some unique thank you messages for a teacher and screened the same via a power point presentation.
Std 10A also expressed their gratitude to the unsung heroes-our dear teachers who have accepted and adopted the new change in online teaching thereby assuring everyone that students are not deprived of education during this pandemic. The students of the class recorded small video clips where they wished all our teachers and non teaching staff a very Happy Teachers day. Master Franklin Coelho played the guitar and sang the song ‘we are the world’. Master Romir Saha sang a song in Hindi expressing his love and gratitude towards the teachers. Master Aniruddh Gupta invoked God’s presence through a small prayer for the well being of our teachers.
The assembly was well animated by Aatharva Bandekar and Dikshant Terse who prepared the power point slides having the pictures of all the teachers with every slide having a beautiful message for each wonderful teacher of Don Bosco Matunga.
The highlights of the assembly were the live performances by Franklin and Romir which were well appreciated by Fr. Principal while addressing the class on this occasion.
Fr. Rector in his talk congratulated the class for having remembered the teachers who have been tirelessly working hard in learning and attending the workshops during the vacation in order to adapt to the new pattern of online teaching.

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