12 July, 2018

Good Manners are a sign of Good Character
Ms. Tejashree S. Vesvikar

Courtesy is simply doing unto others, what you would like them to do unto you!
The students of Stds. 1 to 4 observed Courtesy Week from 18 June to 25 June, 2018. The students were reminded that good manners play a very important role in our lives and that these need to be cultivated in all situations during our interaction with people. The teachers discussed with the children the importance of being courteous and the need to imbibe the value of good behavior in a social ambience. The students recited short poems and watched inspirational videos. The teachers narrated to the students short stories on being courteous. Each class used various cut outs like heart, hand, and key. The students were asked to decorate the same and write their favourite courtesy word.
The students of Std. 4 prepared a bookmark with the golden courtesy word written on it which appealed the most to them. The classroom boards were decorated appropriately reinforcing the values of being courteous at every moment.  Besides, the students learnt through fun learning activities and solved worksheets.
Courtesy week has helped our students grow into good individuals and learn to be polite always. Courtesy costs nothing but buys everything.