11 August, 2019

God’s Word is alive and active-Retreat Std VII
Ms. Sydelle Mascarenhas

A Retreat session was organized on 10th August, 2019 for the Catholic students of Std 7. Fr. Valerian Pereira sdb conducted the session for the students in the school Conference hall. Various activities were planned by the retreat preacher for the students to make it effective and meaningful.

The session began with a prayer. Groups of four to five students were then formed for activities such as crossword, puzzles and stories and for discussion related to these activities. A video on Heads Up was shown to the boys. It narrated the story of two goats on their way with the smaller goat initially getting the assistance of the elder goat in crossing hurdles on the path. Later, it was the bigger frightened goat when confronted by a chasm was prodded and motivated by the younger goat to cross the hurdle. The story was then compared by Fr. Valerian to the real life situations of the students where we need mutual assistance and guidance from the Church, parents, teachers and elders.

The students thereafter viewed a power-point presentation on ‘Who is Jesus for Me’? The students shared their experiences on the topic Jesus is Love while jotting down important points in their notebook. The students recognized that Jesus is the bread of life and that the Eucharist gives us the spiritual food for our body. A video song ‘Holy Spirit Fill Me’ was played for the students and they happily joined along.
At the end of the input session in the conference hall, the students moved to the shrine crypt for the Eucharistic celebration. On the feast day of St. Lawrence, Fr. Valerian the main celebrant at mass preached a meaningful homily to the students. He explained the struggles faced by St. Lawrence but was happy to accept them for the love of Jesus. Fr. Valerian thanked the teachers for their presence throughout the session and at the mass. Ms. Sydelle thanked Fr. Valerian on behalf of the management, staff and the students for accepting the invitation to conduct the retreat for our boys. It was an enriching and valuable day for the students.

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