12, August, 2018

-Kyle Rozario and Antariksh Gupta -Std VII

The students of standard 7th had their recollection day on 10th August,2018. The Catholic students were animated by Fr. Terrence while the students of the other faiths were guided into a session by Fr. Leon.
Fr. Terrence, with the aid of videos, group discussions, activities and parables kept the students on their feet. The students were helped to recognize their calibre and to identify their weakness. Whilst discovering themselves, the students learnt that change is necessary for growth and that change can be terrifying and painful, and it is only God who gives the grace to overcome one’s fears and face challenges. Each activity, video was correlated to a Bible passage which made the children curious and eager to uncover more, thus giving them a memorable experience to know God and themselves better.
In a fun filled, interactive session, the students of other faiths introspected on the need to build one’s self and one’s relation with those around. The students learnt the importance of taking efforts to mould themselves into better individuals by educating themselves and by honing their skills through practice, in order to create a promising future.
The students were also illuminated on the fact that it’s vital to learn to collaborate with others peacefully and to interact with kindness because it is kindness that keeps the world anchored in God’s love.

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