12 February, 2018

Getting into the shoes of our community helpers

-Ms. Sandra Alphonso

Professionals that directly impact the lives of others are community helpers. To know the way the world works and understand community helpers, the boys of the Sr Kg celebrated “community helpers day ” on 7th February, 2018. To begin with, the teacher read a story on respect and gratitude towards community helpers. They recited rhymes on community helpers.

Preschoolers love to dress up and do what they see adults do, so this was a great opportunity for them to dress up like different community helpers. They carried tools of community helpers and spoke five sentences about them. It was awesome to see real fisher folks, nurse, farmer, hair dresser, fashion designer, scientist, weatherman, green grocer and so on.

Resourceful people were invited to talk to the boys. The lawyer demonstrated her role in society. The green grocer and fruit seller demonstrated the use of a weighing scale in the sale of their products. The fashion designer showed the tools they use and explained the manner in which they measure and cut cloth materials.  The carpenter displayed the tools he uses and demonstrated the cutting of a piece of wood with a saw. The optician spoke about care for eyes and eating healthy food. The policeman, nurse, baker, hair dresser and porter spoke about the tools they use and their place of work. The boys interacted with the resource persons who satisfied their curiosity.

In the Activity class, the boys were asked to put their finger prints on the cut out of the tools of community helpers. The day ended with the children humming the song “The farmer in the dell” and ” A Tisket A Tasket”, the games which they had played in class.