15 April, 2018

Getting better equipped at Disaster Management
-Ms. Dipti Shah

DIMARF an NGO from Nashik and the associated Mumbai team conducted the basic fire safety training / awareness programme for the teaching and non teaching staff of our school. Mr. Easkkin Pandi, along with his team members, Mr. Rupesh Nimbalkar, Mr. Pratik Rawol and Mr. Amol More, conducted the training session for the staff on Monday, 26th March 2018. Mr. Pandi spoke about the dangers of a fire outbreak, at home while cooking, at work place – school and other places. He spoke about identifying fuels around us (home – while cooking especially oil fire, school – electricity, benches, fans). He further explained the different types of fire extinguishers available to put off fire that ranges in intensity.
He demonstrated the use of a fire extinguisher using the word PASS P- pull the pin, A- aim at the base of the fire, S- squeeze the bar and S- sweep from side to side. He spoke on the need to be prepared for fire break out in the premises for which we need to have an evacuation plan and fire drill. He explained the action to be taken by staff in the event of fire
• the evacuation procedure
• the arrangements for calling the fire brigade
• the location of assembly points
• On hearing a continuous siren, leave the building immediately by the nearest exit. Escort any visitors from the building.
• Report to the appropriate Assembly Point.
After the inputs in the conference hall, the staff were given instructions for an evacuation drill through the two exits. They were to assemble in the quadrangle which was identified as the assembly point. Here there was a demonstration to extinguish a real fire with the aid of the fire extinguisher. The staff members were encouraged to come forward to use the fire extinguisher and thus be better equipped at disaster management in their workplaces, homes and other gatherings.

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