2 September, 2019
Gardening 101-A Green Line event
-Master Aldon D’Souza Std 10

All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today. That’s what we at Don Bosco , Matunga, Nature Club, believe . The Greenline team organized yet another enthusiastic and splendid workshop on the 29th of Aug, 2019 on aspects of gardening. We chose to focus on what changes an individual can make; one such option is relearning the practice of gardening. Easy as it may seem, gardening doesn’t only involve sowing seeds and diligently watering them; one must also pay special attention to the type of soil being used and the type of seed being planted. All these factors play an important role in determining your success.
Green School Campaigners were taught the different ways to ensure that they can boast of having a green thumb. Mr. Harshad Ainapure , the well known Botanist organized a gardening workshop for us. He enlightened us on the values of planting trees. He also gave us valuable information on photosynthesis and the different stages of the growth of a plant. He explained the aesthetics of Home Gardening. We enjoyed the group activity on how to plant a seed and how to nurture it. It was a great pleasure and joy to be a part of this enlightening process.

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