6 August, 2017

Galvanizing resources for Science research

-Ms. Bindu Keny

Two of our staff members, Ms. Anita Philip and Ms. Bindu Keny attended a program to plan and prepare the stage for the 25th children’s Science Congress 2017. This program was organized by the ministry of Science & Technology at G. Vaze College Mulund (E) on 31st July and 1st Aug 2017. The two-day seminar witnessed distinguished scholars, scientists, educationists and students speaking on a range of topics related to Science and research.

Day One featured the Presentations by two of the schools which scaled to the national level last year and they brilliantly correlated to the main theme ‘Science, Technology and Innovations for sustainable development’. There was a talk by Dr.Manoj Devne, Asst. Professor S.P College,Pune highlighting the scope of selection of topics that concern the metropolitan life ranging from High Population to Health, Hygiene and Nutrition. Post lunch witnessed the presentation of a scholarly topic, ‘Use of lubricants’ by Soham Shastri from our own Don Bosco High School ,Matunga under the able guidance of his guide teacher Ms Anita Philip. This was followed by an informative talk by Dr. Neelima Mulgund, Professor S.I.W.S College.about the do’s and don’ts of the research project.

The second day was equally intellectually invigorating with the presence of eminent speakers such as Dr Siddhivinayak Barve,Chairman Biotechnology ,Mumbai division,Dy.Director Kelkar Education Trust; Dr B. B Sharma, Principal V.G Vaze College,Mulund; Ms Jyotsna Dalvi,teacher from Sadhna Vidyalaya,Sion; and Shri B. B Jadhav,President Mumbai division,National Children’s Science Congress.

The first speaker, Dr. Barve, effectively brought out the importance of Innovation in a nation’s progress by highlighting some of the shortcomings in our educational endeavours .He gave the examples of the exposure received by students abroad through interactions with nobel laureates and the hands-on learning experiences by handling the gardening tools. In so doing, they facilitate the conversion of different types of wastes brought by people to useful byproducts like manure which can be used by people in quantities proportional to the waste matter supplied by them. According to him ‘Sustainability is synonymous with the change in attitudes resulting in constructive use of technology.’  The next speaker, Dr.Sharma, explained the nature of different research activities conducted in the labs of the host college all of which brought out benefits of Science & Technology. An actually conducted research project was the theme of the Ms. Dalvi’s presentation thoroughly clarifying the various aspects of the NCSC Research Project.

Post lunch we visited some of the labs following which a review of the indispensable criteria of research projects was done by the last speaker,Shri Jadhav, who spearheads the co-ordination activities for Mumbai.


An exciting preparation period leading to the children’s Science Congress 2017 awaits us!

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