9 February, 2018

Fun and Leisure – Primary picnic

– Richa Singh & Sarra Mullick

“A picnic is more than eating a meal. It is a pleasurable state of mind.”

The enthusiasm of the students of Standards 1 to 4 was high on 7 February 2018 as they eagerly awaited their class picnic. Thirteen buses lined up in the school quadrangle as early as 7 am in the morning to ferry the students, accompanied by the staff to their destinations.

The students were to travel to the following places:

Standards 1 and 2 – Royal Garden Resort.

Standards 3 and 4 – Panoramic Resort.

“Life is more fun if you enjoy to its fullest.” And enjoy, our students did! They rolled down the different water slides and amused themselves in the swimming pool. The rain dance added to their enjoyment. The students had a great time in the amusement park and entertained themselves at the thrilling adventure activities. At lunch time, the students relished the delicious food that was served to them. At the given opportunity, everyone grooved to the lively music on the dance floor

It was a memorable day for the boys; they had their moments of relaxation, fun and recreation!