21 September, 2019
Fruit is nature’s candy
-Mrs. Rochelle D’Souza

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor far away.’ Yes! very true. Fruits aid good physical health and also good mental health. History states that early man would search and live on nature’s wonderful gift of fruits.
To inculcate good eating habits, the boys of Jr. KG celebrated “Fruit salad day on 14th September, 2019. The class was suitably decorated with fruits for the event. To begin with the teacher narrated an interesting story on eating healthy food and including fruits in our diet. The teacher sang songs and recited rhymes on fruits. The teacher explained that fruits contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals and also eating fruits gives exercise to gums and jaws. She made known to them few mouth-watering and luscious recipes made with fruits using squash, juices, milkmaid and mayonnaises. This enhanced their cognitive and language skills.
Each child came forward with a beautifully decorated placard of the fruit prepared by the parent and the child. They spoke 5 sentences on different types of fruits -seasonal fruits, local fruits, imported fruits, preserved and dry fruits, importance of eating fruits, care to be taken while eating fruits etc. Some boys brought real fruits to show and tell. The teacher awarded the children with appraisals like “very good” remark and a star, while the whole class applauded each child. This gave the child a platform to raise his self-confidence, self-motivation, eye contact with the audience and reduce stage fear.
The teacher demonstrated to the children the preparation of Custard Fruit Salad. Many parents creatively prepared delicious and nutritious fruit salads which the boys consumed with relish and pleasure.
In the Activity class, the teacher gave the boys cut out of fruits on which the children happily did finger printing, sponge dabbing and spray painting.
At the end of the event the boys were happy to learn the importance of fruits as a part of a well-balanced diet and took a pledge “Eat Fruits and Stay Healthy”

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