7 February, 2018

Friends as Family – Blue House Day

-Ms. Reshma Belgaonkar


The Blue house day was celebrated on 5th Feb 2018 at Don Bosco High School, Matunga with ‘Friends as family, as the theme. The well decorated entrance and a few other areas of the school with flowers, balloons, rangoli and lighting, and the presence of a few blue house students traditionally dressed to welcome the staff and students lent a festive and ‘friendly’ touch to the day’s celebration.

The Blue house echoed the fact that friendship is the most unique and beautiful relationship which serves as the base for every relationship. At the assembly, Sachin Subiah from 7C began by saying that though belonging from different cultures, having spoken different languages, everyone at Don Bosco High School, Matunga share a friendship that unites them as a family.

Donatus Noronha and Joshua Anthony from 9D sang the song “Just one friend” which was followed by some students thanking their friends for making their life meaningful. Elton D’Souza from 8D gave the message that it’s better to have  few true friends than a thousand false ones. Mrs. Reshma Belgaonkar, the blue house mistress echoed the message (in Marathi) of valuing friends. The assembly concluded with Levlon D’Souza from 5D who urged the students to treasure their friends and refrain from hurting, teasing or fighting with them. The students were then asked to watch a video prepared by the students and teachers of the blue house on the theme of friendship. There were added celebrations during the breaks with songs on friendship played over the intercom.

It’s time we treasure our valued friends!