Félicitations pour les bons resultats!

-Ms. Ashwini Gupte


Our French students have brought us laurels at this year’s International French Olympiad (iFLO 2017). Aman Singh, X D and Karthik Raamakrishna, IX C secured Olympiad Ranks 15 and 3 respectively, that is, they stand at positions 15 and 3 at the world ranking.

Our school toppers at the different levels were as follows-
Class VIII
Varun Bhatia- Gold
Sahil Dawankar- Silver
Heet Mehta- Bronze

Class IX
Karthik Raamakrishna- Gold
Chaitanya Desai- Silver
Nirnay Korde- Bronze

Class X
Aman Singh- Gold
Shrut Jain- Silver
Aryan Cheke- Bronze

Hearty congratulations, boys!

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