23 January, 2020
-Ms. Bindu Keny

The Lord has pardoned the sins of his enemies. This should be enough reason for us to forgive the trespasses of others. This was the message that came across to the viewers of the 8C class assembly conducted by the students on 22 January 2020.
The virtue of forgiveness was eulogized through the verses from the scriptures and real life incidents of the noble act of forgiving by Kia Scherr and Farid Ahmed in spite of brutal personal losses they suffered.
A powerful observation by Farid Ahmed worthy of being taken cognizance of is: WE CAN EITHER BEAT OURSELVES AND SUFFER, OR TURN AROUND AND TURN THIS EXPERIENCE INTO A BETTER FUTURE. Forgiveness is a virtue the youth should imbibe to acquire victory over the negative emotions of anchor and the consequent harm it imposes on oneself and on others.
The class 8C performance was an integration of two simulations, a dance and a song conveying the Lord’s message which was weaved with the meditation in the end.
Rev. Fr. Rector in his address narrated the story of Jesus forgiving a woman who committed adultery and also asked her not to repeat the sin. Rev. Fr. Principal commended the backdrop and the good execution of the class assembly.

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