25 July, 2017

Forging Leaders:

Leadership Camp

-Mrs. Perpetual Nazareth 

In a bid to produce dynamic, efficient leaders Don Bosco High School, Matunga organised a overnight camp for their Student Council at Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Lonavla.on 22nd August 2017. The camp was animateded by Fr.Roy Noronha, the Vice-Principal of the school along with the Student Council teachers in charge. The objective of this camp was to develop values essential for a good leader.

The students along with their teachers reached the venue and got down to serious business. Fr. Roy began the programme by distributing a sheet with instructions to all the groups titled “Instructions Comprehension Testing” The students started working on the assignment without fully comprehending the idea. Fr. Roy then brought forth the concept of understanding any situation fully before plunging headlong into action, thus making the leaders realise that if they want others to follow their instructions they should first learn to follow instructions themselves.

As a part of the camp activities, a host of games like ‘Obey the Leader’, ‘Switch’, ‘Icebreakers’ were played with time pressure to develop decision making skills. The games explored their creativity and uniqueness as a leader as well as examined their own personal values and debate the idea of power. They were required to brainstorm, plan in a team environment, develop flexibility and adjust to the different needs of their members. They learnt to collaborate and build rapport.

A trek to Tungarli Dam was in place which offered the student leaders a perfect break from their mundane routine. The dam placed in the backdrop of scenic surroundings with lush greenery relaxed the students as they enjoyed the trek along with the sharing of the corn on cob.

In another session the leaders met in groups and discussed their duties and responsibilities their position demanded. This activity helped them learn to recognise their own motivation and values and don the role of an effective leader.

Fr. Bernard Fernandes, the Principal and Fr. Crispino D’Souza, the Rector paid a visit which further encouraged and motivated the students to give their best. Fr. Crispino wished them the best and asked them to make effective use of all they learnt at the camp.

The leaders were all praise for the experience given to them which was evident from their comments. Siddhartha Gupta, the Captain said,” This camp has helped us in strengthening our character by sharpening our communication skills and solidifying our confidence through the different games.” Varun Bhatia, another leader said, “I am enriched with experience and wiser with the lessons learnt that one should not assume, instead read and identify clearly.” Samay Shetty a student of the Working Committee remarked “We, the students of Std X were told to be an example to the juniors as the motto of the Student Council is to lead by example” Mrs. Daksha Tandel, the Teacher-in-charge said,” This was a very emotional and life changing experience for the student leaders and I hope they use all that they have learnt to become emphatic and confident leaders.”

The Student leaders came back resilient, assertive and confident to make a difference in the world around them with a positive shift in their attitude towards themselves and those around them.

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