19 November, 2019
Food, Friends, Sunshine…
-Master Geoffrey Nadar 8D

Picnics are a way of relaxing and enjoying. The annual picnic of Don Bosco, Matunga had plenty of both. The Secondary Section (Std 5 to8) visited Imagica Amusement Park and Aqua Imagica Water Theme Park(Std 9 and 10) on Wednesday the 13th of November. Dance, games and various trilling activities made the students bond together. The entire experience was filled with rides, laughter and friendship; it was indeed an enriching and a fulfilling one.
The bus ride early morning was charged with craziness. It was just anything but inert. One could see the entire class dancing, singing, talking or playing. The arrival to Imagica was met with screams of joy. The plethora of rides was exciting to every soul. One could see students running around, trying to sit in every ride they possibly can. There was always something left to do. Rides like the Nitro, Deep Space and Rajasaurus were behemoths of attraction. Many of the rides were addictive. At the end of the day everyone was tired and fulfilled with the experience. The picnics were a great success and the students thanked Sr. Cliff Richard and Rev. Fr. Bernard.

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