28 September, 2018


-Marossa Fernandes

The school campus buzzed with excitement as the students of Std VIII prepared to set out on their field trip along with their supervisor and teachers on 27th September, 2018 at 7:30am, to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali.

The students were provided with a handout which consisted of a questionnaire, chart and diagram which aided them in the study of the eco system of the national park.

On reaching the place, the staff and students were taken on a guided and animated tour by Sir Rai, the school co ordinator and Sir Cliffrichard, the AHM. Throughout the trip, Sir Rai enlightened the boys about the flora of the place. The boys took a short tour of the Information Centre where they read charts on various plants and animals.

Thereafter the Don Bosco troop headed for the Shilonda trail. This peaceful trail starts along the plains just before the Kanheri foothills and winds along gently into a good long hike heading northwards. Once the home of a tribal settlement that has now moved away, nature has completely reclaimed this territory. The trail reveals the gradual gradation in the vegetation: from scrub-land at the beginning to dense, tall evergreen forest ahead. Under the instructions of professional guides the students not only saw but also learnt more about various animals like spiders like the tarantula, beetles, crabs, deer, etc. They gained knowledge about plants like the thin bamboo, press me not plant . The students also came across a bare patch of land called fireline which serves as a place from where the forest department can act on stopping the spread of fire in case of a forest fire. The students came across a stream where they rested for a while and refreshed themselves before heading back to the Information centre where they watched a documentary film on Sanjay Gandhi Park, its facilities, activities and its wild inhabitants.

The excursion ended by a pond where Sir Rai helped the students understand the ecosystem of a pond. The children, though tired, returned home with an experience to cherish, a time spent in a forest, with mother nature, learning about nature and connecting with it

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